About Us


The foundation stone of this degree college was laid down by Professor Jahid Hussain Zaidi , Vice chancellor of MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly on 3 of march 2005 on Thursday under the president ship of honorable MLA Shahbad Shri Kashiram.

The college is situated beside the Shahbad-Rampur road east of the village Talukabad on the link road in village Zahidpur. It is the only centre of higher education in the whole area. Late Shri Ram Ratan Singh always dreamt to establish a degree college in the educationally backward area of Shahbad, but his untimely demise repressed this ambition and could not realize during his lifetime.

Under the able leadership of Shri Har Gyan Singh, President and the Manager & Secretary Shri Jag Pal Singh of R.R. Education and Village Development Society, Zahidpur, the establishment of this college is a result of restless efforts and is a pious homage to the soul of Late Shri Ram Ratan Singh Ji. Both of the personalities resolve to start it within a short period of time so that the students could take admission in the educational session 2005-06.


  • This degree college has also been established to meet the challenges and face the difficulties of rural and city life.
  • Besides seven subjects of art faculty – Hindi (Gen & lit ), English ( Gen & lit ) , Sociology , Economics , History , there are two practical subjects Psychology and Home science.
  • Prescribed subjects of the college are correlated to the village life. So that the study level should be manifold and high and it should also be according to the changing circumstances.
  • In the reference of the simple living and high thinking we shall focus to establish the importance of life .we shall also provide the dormitory to such scholars.
  • With the academic study, living in the rural environment, one can benefit, on self with the study of Indian culture, the chief motive of this degree college is to search the root cause of the decline of the country and erect some new values for the new society.